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Mature Content

Post-workout by EvileMouse

Mature Content

Viper vs Dan by sleepygimp
Chi Chi under Videl smelly Feet! by Kazutheking
Goku worshipping Chi Chi tired sweaty feet by Kazutheking


Mature content
Post-workout :iconevilemouse:EvileMouse 85 14
Mature content
Viper vs Dan :iconsleepygimp:sleepygimp 309 25
Chi Chi under Videl smelly Feet! :iconkazutheking:Kazutheking 334 37 Goku worshipping Chi Chi tired sweaty feet :iconkazutheking:Kazutheking 276 42 CDZ Gigantomachia: Nada melhor que ficar assim(A)! :iconmdkh:mdkh 6 0 CDZ Gigantomachia: Nada melhor que ficar assim(B)! :iconmdkh:mdkh 7 0
Mature content
Leane (from FUSION) is teasing you?! (with a sock) :iconmdkh:mdkh 8 1
Mature content
Leane (from FUSION) is teasing you?! (no socks) :iconmdkh:mdkh 8 2
Mature content
Leane (of FUSION) is teasing you?! (transparent?) :iconmdkh:mdkh 11 0
Mature content
Mariana's (from Shooting Star) feet are hurting... :iconmdkh:mdkh 6 2
Mature content
Leane (again?!) wants you to stop staring at her! :iconmdkh:mdkh 8 3
Renata (from Shooting Star)... NO, NO...(blue) :iconmdkh:mdkh 2 0
Mature content
Mariana (from ???) - Maybe this will work... :iconmdkh:mdkh 6 3
Chimney's Friends, Chapter 1
Hello, guys, welcome to another new shrinking story, one I’ve actually been looking forward to! This one starring Sector W7, mainly Chimney, who is our shrinkee today! Leeeet’s begin!

Chapter 1: Big On’nanokos!

Downtown Water 7

Chimney sat quietly along a canal’s edge, legs crossed and eyes closed in meditation. The only sounds were the canal’s peaceful flows and townspeople talking in the distance. A pair of brownish-red eyes stared at her from a dark alley, and the being’s target was Chimney. Without a second’s more hesitation, Aisa hurled the Conache Pumpkin at her target, but the big-mouthed girl snapped awake and flipped over, kicking off the pumpkin and toward Aisa. The Shandoran-Nimbi ducked Chimney and pulled the pumpkin back with her rope, aiming to attack again, but Chimney ducked and ran for Aisa, who dodged aside again.
Aisa swiftly dodged Chimney’s attacks and whipped out her Impact Dial, aiming at Chimney to b
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 6 96
Chimney's Friends, Chapter 2
Yello, guys, welcome to Chapter 2. Yep, multiple chapters, just like I said. So here, Chimney will settle the conflicts with her friends, sorta. Not really any action, but we learn something interesting about Aeincha at the end. ;I Let’s watch!

Chapter 2: Why On’nanokos Love Their Leader

Aeincha’s Room; about an hour later

Aeincha calmly slept on the pillow of her oversized (to her) bed. Her sleep was more peaceful than ever, mainly because of the one she was sleeping with. Chimney was wrapped nice and warm in Aeincha’s arms, like a little doll that Aeincha used to help her sleep. Aeincha slowly awoke and looked down at Chimney, sleeping soundlessly. She almost forgot she was even there. It was just so hard to believe Chimney was small now. She always remembered this being the other way, Aeincha sleeping peacefully in Chimney’s arms, hugged to her chest. When Chimney’s belly was full after eating, Aeincha would rest on top of it, falli
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 5 104
Chimney's Friends, Chapter 3
The conclusion!

Chapter 3: Chimney’s Friends: Loyal Until the End!

Later that night…

Everyone in Sector W7 was peacefully asleep. Aisa in her uncomfy hammock, no covering, only a pillow, April in her personal studio, Giant Mocha on her mat, Apis in her miniature church, Gonbe on the pillow before Chimney’s pictures, and Aeincha snug and warm on her giant bed, holding Chimney close.
But their sleep was about to be disturbed as a cyclone of water from the fountain began to rise up around the treehouse. It flowed into the entrances and down the halls, creeping into each member’s room. It flowed up to Aisa and trapped the Nimbi height, the girl shaking desperately to get out and breathe. The water then went to April and startled her awake, then to Apis, forcing her mouth shut. The water was then on its way to Mocha, and needed more of its substance to trap the giant. But Mocha woke up much earlier, and when the water wrapped around her like a tentacle
:icongamewizard-2008:gamewizard-2008 2 75
I'm sorry guys but please no loli or underage character stuff. It just won't show up on here. I don't want our group to get in trouble because of it. Thanks for your cooperation.
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Cesium237 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2017

I'm seeking people to rp with. I'm a male into forced air inflation ( mainly applied on the breast ). Here's a senario I've got in mind :

- an elit scuba spy sent for infiltrating an underwater base who is gonna be trapped as be used as a guinea pig for body inflation researches. She'll be equipped with a device for her mission : a tube connected to her tanks in order to fill them by "sucking out" the curves of the foes or empty them by inflating herself. At first, the mission starts in a little plane where her jealous copilot is gonna try to get rid of her.

I've got also the same idea, but in space. If you've got any idea, or if that scenario could inspire you a bit, let's see what could be done.
NightmareDude67 Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016
Hello, Looking for someone to play the role of a person who goes through an uneven growth into either a giant or giantess. Please Note me.
Dr-Sunshine703 Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Who wants to do an inflation roleplay with me?
Comicsaboutmylife Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Anyone want to rp inflation with me, I'm am a sub and a dom
LollipawpsMH Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016
im down
callyoops Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2016
If any girls are interested in doing infation roleplay, I'd be up to do something. I can do any size up to blimps, and I don't mind things like hyper/rapid pregnancy. My sessions generally last between 30 mins to 3 hours, so if you don't like being tied down forever, Im perfect for you. I'm not into food unless it's something like whipped cream or jello. I also don't mind being the inflated one, so if you are a woman who likes dominating and inflating guys, I'm totally your partner.

If you're interested, hit me up on kik: blimpmaker
If kik isn't an option, note me and we may be able to come up with somehing else.
DemonicCarnival Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Seeking someone to roleplay with who is okay with extreme fetishes. I'm personally into extreme gore, and am willing to incorporate  any of your fetishes if you're fine with mine. 

I'll do boy/boy, boy/girl, or girl/girl. Or pairings with characters of indeterminate gender. 

Note me if you're interested! 
InkFoxie Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
If anyone wants to do an inflation RP note me~
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